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Presentations The Ancient Olympic Games WHO. Greek male athletes who were free citizens and not committed murder or hereshy No women However, single, umarried girls were allowed to enter the Heriaf Why A primarily a part of a religious festival in honor of Zeus Where Olympia, a rural sanctuary site in the western Peloponnesus…it started as a big festival in honor of zeus The sanctuary was named in ancient times after Mt.Olympus, the highest mountain in mainland Greece When The ancient Olympic Games began in the year 776 BC (QUESTION) Events For the first 13 Olympics there was only one event The stadium race, 1 stade=192 m Pentathlon was not added until 708 bc Rules (CHARACTERISTICS If they were caught they could be publicly flogged On the path leading up to Olympia there were four large bronze statues that had been paid for with the fines of athlestes caught cheating One of the major rules was that all the athletes had to run naked Once an athlete had entered into the games, he was not allowed to withdraw for any reason. Importance The ancient greeks were highly competitive and believed strongly in the concept of agaon tht is to believe to be the best The ultimate greek goal was to be the best Awards Athletes who won at any of these pan-hellenic games could be assured of great wealth when they returned home Many athletes who won would eat for free in their home town FALL The instiution of the Olympic games lasted for 12 continous centuries
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In 393 ad the Olympic games were abolished by the order of the Christian Byzantine Emperor Theodosisu 1 when the functioning of all idol worshipping sanctuaries was forbidden Barron Pierre started Olympic games back in summer in the 19 th century James Connally won the first Olympic race WHEN THEY STARTED 777 BC 1 CHAR WHICH ALLOWED YOU TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CHARACTERISTIC
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Presentations22 - Presentations The Ancient Olympic Games...

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