Last lecture - The Olmecs They are polytheistic They began...

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The Olmecs They are polytheistic They began in human sacrifice They built pyramid **We care because Subsequent people will follow the same type of religion. Every civilization in South Mexico would be influenced by Olmecs. Mayas they are urban people they live primarily around urban center. Slash & burn farming: Because of rain forests generally unfertile used slash and burn method of agriculture (burn trees, plant corn seeds in ashes/required lots of land) Warrior people Hierogylyphic writing Mayans are obsessed with time they develop very accurate only 1 day off for 6000 years Mayans are based on accoomodating humanity to cycles of the universe. As a result Mayan religion obsessed with time. Use of human sacrifice They lived in Yakatan 14 million 14 million people. Mayan people is a large civilization Skip TOlecs Aztecs are important Like the Mayan they are polytheistic religion with human sacrifice being very important and they have a large civilization They are urban people and they build large cities and tht cities is called mexico they founded mexico Like the city of mayaz, Aztec city have pyramids advanced system of sanitation. It is a very developed 2000 era city That indicates a certain level of advancement They are warrior people engaging in war of conquest That is how you determine your status in Aztec society Warrior are treateted highly Aztecs engage in so many wars because of Religion
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Religion relies on human sacrifice they take it to a new level 100 and 1000 of people . They will conquer people and they sacrifice them. People surrounding the Aztecs did not like them Aztecs are naturally harsh fierce warriors and leaders. The pople who were conquered by Aztecs they hate them When euro people want to conquer mexico these conquered people help euro to conquer mexico since they wanted to get out of hell. Decline of Women Aztecs Tenochtitlan( present day Mexico city( Founded 1325 At height 250,00 people one of the largest in world Walled/wide streets/canals, aqueducts, very clean Truly astounded Europeans Aztecs declined because of the invasion of the Spaniard under Cortez in 1519- 1522. The Columbian Exchange
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Last lecture - The Olmecs They are polytheistic They began...

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