Feb1 - Hist 1111 Lecture 4 02/01/06 The Indian...

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Lecture 4 02/01/06 The Indian Subcontinent: 2500 BCE to 1400 AD Where is it? -Pakistan/Nepal/India/Bangladesh/Sri Lanka \Like Egypt India is blessed with two very large and fertile rivers, Indus and Ganges . Indus on east Ganges on west… Major civilizations would form around these rivers…. These rivers although do not regularly flood…they are able to support agriculture and are pretty good. The first civilization that appears in India is HARAPPA…they were formed against Indus the eastern portion on the Indian sub continent located along the coast. . SIG It is remarkably advanced for its time. Like the somerians, harrapa has a pictorgram writing system and they have a polytheistic religion…they have a urban center….some ppl argue a planned city…streets are almost laid out in plans…they also had sewers…the planned city aspect is a sign of truly advanced civilization They are also maritime leaders…they eganged in trade around the coastal religion of the sub continent. Harappa disappear around 2000 bce the reason is unknown. . The Aryans or The Vedic Age come after the Harrapa and the difference in location is they are located in North India around Delhi… They are very civilized …having a writing system…Sanscrit…it is an Indo European Language….so people might have been from the north…They acquired power since they were WArrriORS they gained power through conquest and build a civilization KEY SIG You see the development of the social caste system. Caste system consisted of 5 groups. 1.
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Feb1 - Hist 1111 Lecture 4 02/01/06 The Indian...

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