EMS EMT_REF Preparatory

EMS EMT_REF Preparatory - EMT-B Refresher Lesson 4...

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EMT-B Refresher Lesson 4 Components of the EMS System Levels of the EMS Training in NYS Roles and Responsibilities of the EMT Medical Direction and Quality Improvement Quality Improvement: Includes run reviews, data collection, and reporting Medical director addresses need for retesting or remedial training. Goals Quality patient care EMT safety and well-being EMT training, education, and certification Medical Direction Medical Direction Responsibilities On-line direction Off-line direction Quality control The EMT-Physician Relationship Rules and Statutes regarding EMS Stress and Stress Management
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Death and Dying Patient and Family Needs Stressful Situations Abuse Pediatrics Severe trauma Mass casualty incident Death/injury to coworker Anxious family members or bystanders Warning Signs Substance Abuse Drug and alcohol use in the workplace causes accidents, increases tension among workers, and likelihood of poor treatment decisions. Early intervention is the best way to ensure a safe, alcohol- and drug-free workplace Methods for Managing Stress Lifestyle changes Nutrition Exercise and relaxation Balancing work, family, and health Stress and Nutrition Carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals are consumed during stress, leaving the body weakened and more susceptible to illness. Proper exercise and nutrition can help prepare your body for stress.
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EMS EMT_REF Preparatory - EMT-B Refresher Lesson 4...

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