Difference in culture

Difference in culture - Difference b/w Tzoikin and Haab...

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Difference b/w Tzoikin and Haab calendars t was used for religious purposes and it was 260 days long and haab was 365 days long and was the civil calendar, Location of the Maya Cities 23 degrees 1/3 north Concept of duality Shango is worshipped in w part of Nigeria and some parts of s America He is represented by a double headed axe LECture on Monday Test on next Monday Islam, African History, Byzantine Empire, American Civilizations. Muhammad Hijara: Know that term Quran: The holy scriptures of Islam and they are based on the Gods teachings told to Muhammad. Monotheistic (worship same God as Jews/Christians) 1. There is no God except Allah (profession of faith) 2. Five times a day 3. prayer 4. charity 5. every muslim if financially available to make a pilgrimage. They worship same God as Jews/Christians They believe in Afterlife: resurrection/Last Judgement: Paradise/Hell Islamic Law- It can apply o both your practice of religion and your life. Guide to conduct in daily life: Hadith: Mohammads Guide to living. Umma: Muslims believe they are a part of a community. Members of Islam as part of this
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Difference in culture - Difference b/w Tzoikin and Haab...

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