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ASSIGNMENT 7 for SECTION 001 Questions from the textbook Section 3-5: B1, matrices A and E [2 marks] ; B3 (a) and (b), parts (i) and (ii) [3 marks] ; D1 [2 marks] ; D4 [2 marks] ; and D5 [2 marks] Section 3-6: B1 (a), (b) and (c) [3 marks] ; and B4 [4 marks] In addition to the questions listed here, do the MATLAB question from Assignment 7 for the other sections; this may be found under Content > Assignments
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Unformatted text preview: > Assignment 7 [2 marks] Other questions 1. [6 marks] Let A be an invertible n × n magic square with nonzero magic constant d . Prove that the rows and columns of A-1 have entries adding up to 1 /d . 2. [4 marks] Let A be an n × n skew-symmetric matrix, where n is odd. (Recall that A is skew-symmetric if A T =-A .) Prove that A is not invertible....
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