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Maintainance of Power in Early Fuedal Europe

Maintainance of Power in Early Fuedal Europe - John Roop...

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John Roop History 102-006 ESTABLISHMENT AND MAINTANANCE OF POWER IN EARLY FUEDAL EUROPE When the development and practice of stationary agriculture prevails over a system of hunting and gathering, there becomes a need for an organized political body that is capable of protecting and sustaining organization amongst a group of people. The arduous but important task of obtaining and maintaining this position of power in early western civilization was a task that involved many methods. These methods included in part, the administration of oaths or promissory allegiance, use of symbols easily understood, creation and utilization of written law, and the sheer ability to dominate with military force. These practices, when administered in an intelligent and calculated manner, can be successful in creating a system of government over a vast spread of land and people and is thus essential to the development of civilized society. Early organization of people in the early western civilization began as a set of agreements made between people who obtained land and property in a personal estate. Such agreements involved a system "reciprocal rights and obligations" (Wiesner/Ruff/Wheeler; 1998). This was a method of leased land and wealth in return of protection and service to the owner. The owner of
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