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SU LECTURE NATURE’S BEAUTIFUL PATTERNS 2006 ALPAY TARALP ( Natural Sciences) LECTURE LEAD IN Prediction: What can you say about the theme of the lecture Nature’s Beautiful Patterns? 1. Name some of the patterns mentioned in the lecture 2. How does the lecturer group the patterns in nature? What examples are given? 3. What does the lecturer say about the most of the phenomena which happens in nature? 4. What does the lecturer mean by randomness at one length scale and order at another length scale? 5. What example is given to explain the relationship between time and order? 6. What examples are given to explain the order in space? 7. Alan Turing in his seminal paper proposes that: __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 8. What is the irony of the paper in terms of its being a model in defining information patterning? 9. What is the take home message with this idea of patterning information? What example is given?
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Unformatted text preview: 10. How different and ironic is this idea from a scientific point of view? Give one example. 11. What is responsible for the most beautiful patterns in nature from a scientific point of view? 12. If we dig deeper into the subject we need to understand the difference between __________________________________________________________________________ 13. What is required for nature systems for maintaining this kind of unstable patterning? 14. Name some of the fundamental differences between a living system and a dead system. 15. What is the great irony of life? 16. How does the concept of time differ between a scientist and an average person? Why? 17. In what ways are scientists unique in the society? 18. What does the lecturer say about different perspectives of scientists in terms of religion? 19. What is the main idea of the lecture for you? 1...
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