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struggles in science - SU LECTURE STRUGGLES IN SCIENCE...

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SU LECTURE STRUGGLES IN SCIENCE ALPAY TARALP ( Natural Sciences) LECTURE LEAD IN What is the significance of science in society and history? What do you know about these people? Alexander Fleming Winston Churchill Max Planck Ludwig Boltzman Hans Adolf Krebs Sir Isaac Newton Alan Turing PRE- LISTENING By looking at the title and vocabulary from the lecture, predict the content of the lecture STRUGGLES IN SCIENCE serendipity proceed tremendous insight human spirit persevere neglect special breed peculiarities to place emphasis face value underlying meanings eccentricity plot against someone to be way beyond his time intuition army of people isolate intermediates rationalize brilliant current problems out of convenience disclose a secret surrender his secret put yourself in someone else’s shoes 1
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SU LECTURE STRUGGLES IN SCIENCE POST LISTENING 1. Summarize the anecdote briefly: kuku __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 2. What does this anecdote indicate about the importance of science in history?
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