quia2 - a) emphasized b) remarked c) correlated d)...

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1) As a result of technological developments, today we _____ heavily on computers to organize our work because it is easier doing things on computer; for example somebody knows how to use a computer can write much faster than anybody doing it by hand. a) reflect b) speculate c) rely d) construct 2) Gamze is a very reliable person as most of us could rely ___ her to keep our secrets. a) in b) on c) to d) at 3) The jury of the school management ________ on download limit while using internet at dormitory.
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Unformatted text preview: a) emphasized b) remarked c) correlated d) confirmed 4) Cem Ylmazs ultimate cinema film Hokkabaz have been remarked ______ it is not an original play by some critics. a) on b) by c) that d) for 5) Detailed investigation has ______ that the truck driver is guilty for the accident which caused 3 deaths and 7 injuries. a) speculated b) revealed c) expanded d) perceived 6) Tea is revealed _____ the Black Sea Regions favourite drink. a) as b) like c) for d) against...
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