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quia6+7 me - year has ended with a...

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declaration: an official or formal statement, especially about the plans of a government or an organization flourish: an exaggerated movement that you make when you want sb to notice you aspiration: a strong desire to have or do sth endeavor: an attempt to do sth, especially sth new or difficult After the dramatic wins gained from painful and epic wars, Turkey’s declaration of independence was inevitable in 1920’s. The declaration/announce/implement given by IMF made the Turkish government consider the taxes again. She was working on a cake while simultaneously phone ringed and the door knocked. So she got confused and angry as she opened the door with a flourish that frightened the guest, her husband. The match between Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors in NBA’s regular season last
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Unformatted text preview: year has ended with a flourish/attribute/perception for Kobe Bryant, who poured in with 81 points, which is the second highest mark that has ever been scored by one player during a basketball game. He has such an aspiration for money which drives him truly out of his mind as he even doesn’t care about his wife, his children when something bad happens to the company. Turkey was the first country that made the necessary changes to meet women’s unifications /aspirations/prosperities for joining the elections. She is such a tough teacher as she doesn’t accept the endeavors which are brought even with a 5-minute-delay. The public bombarded the government with complaints in a(n) repercussion/procedure/endeavor to have the prices increases in natural gas revoked....
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