unit 3 quia - able to pass it The public remain sceptical...

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Seek : to look for sth/sb Skeptical : having doubts that a claim or statement is true or that sth will happen Slide : to slide a short distance accidentally so that you fall or nearly fall Solely : only; not involving sb/sth else Subsequent : happening after sth else (sought) In Turkey new education system are being _______ by professors to expand our teaching and learning abilities He is seeking ____ his wallet desperately as his pass-paper for University Entrance Exam is in it and if he couldn’t find the wallet he will not be able to enter the exam. (for) (Skeptical) I am sceptical about his chance of passing the NS final exam as he didn’t study enough to be
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Unformatted text preview: able to pass it. The public remain sceptical ___ the claims given by government as they couldn’t rely on them anymore. (slide) If you don’t feel comfortable then you can _____ the front seats forward during the journey. He was exhausted at the end of such a tiring day full of meetings and presentations and when he came home, he just slid ____ bed. (into) (solely) As the management think he is good enough to command the company, he became ______ responsible for the firm. (subsequent) We managed dramatic, subsequent developments in health-technology in such a short time due to tremendous efforts by Turkish scientists....
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