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ch 50 movement - Movement and motor control Dr Lynn...

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1 Lecture 35 19 November, 2008 Movement and motor control Dr. Lynn Bancroft, Cardiologist A Presentation on Cardiology, Dr. Bancroft’s medical background, current issues, and any interesting questions YOU come up with!! ½±¾¿ÀÁÂôÁÄÅƱ±´ ·Çº ÈÉÊ» Ë´ adaptation amplification bitter center-surround chemical senses chemoreception cochlea cone cross fiber comparison dark current electroreception electromagnetic radiation filtering gustation hair cell integration lateral inhibition Limulus log linear muscle spindle nasal epithelium olfaction opsin Organ of Corti photoreceptor proprioception retinal rhodopsin rod salty saturation sour spike rate sweet taste taste bud threshold tip link touch trp channel transduction tuning curve umami vision electrical recording from nerve nerve spikes Lateral inhibition in the retina compound eye of Limulus b light on a cell inhibited by b Electrical recording of spikes from cel a il umination of cel b off off on continuous light pulsed light H. Keffer Hartline Nobel Prize 1967 Limulus
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2 Lateral inhibition in retina array of photoreceptors every photoreceptor inhibits neighbors, just like this green cel Retina: each photoreceptor inhibits its lateral neighbors. Green cell is excited by light in the center inhibited by light in the surround Receptive field: the area in front of eye that evokes any response (either + or -) center-surround organization Center-surround lateral inhibition enhances bright edges near a darker surround diminishes dark edges near a bright surround perceived stimulus physical stimulus Lateral inhibition improves edge detection under low contrast. The eye does not report an accurate image to the brain, but a “filtered”
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ch 50 movement - Movement and motor control Dr Lynn...

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