ch 48 neurons - 1 pick up one ion when you come in Na + K +...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 pick up one ion when you come in Na + K + either sodium or potassium Lecture 31 HOW NEURONS WORK Nov. 10, 2008 Ramon y Cajal Cerebellar purkinje cell, pigeon Nobel Prize Concepts & Terms acquired immunodeficiency syndrome AIDS capsid capsomere CD4 receptor cervical cancer diatom diatomaceous earth double stranded DNA DNA hybridization dynamite envelope genital wart glycoproteins helper T cell human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) human papilloma virus (HPV) Kochs postulates nitric oxide (NO) nitroglycerin plantar wart provirus retrovirus reverse transcriptase self assembly silica gel single stranded RNA smooth muscle stringency Sponsored by the Carol Tatkon Center & Monday, 10 Nov. 2008 Guest: Dr. Jon Butcher Biological engineering Room 302AB APPEL DINING HALL 5:45 PM Meeting place: West Entrance to Appel Center at 5:45pm The Need for Speed Hormones: delays of seconds or minutes or more Electrical action potentials: milliseconds (150 m/s) Needed by organisms that: escape from predators (=animals) are large (multicellular) capture food (predators) respond quickly to any environmental change 2 Most staining techniques reveal the nervous system to be a jumbled network of interconnected fibers. Are they individual cells? Bodian silver stain of insect optic lobe (left) and mammalian cerebral cortex (above) NEURON DOCTRINE: The nervous system is composed of cells & & ! " #$% () #*+, & %$ " #!+...
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ch 48 neurons - 1 pick up one ion when you come in Na + K +...

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