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ch 45 hormones - Pick up one lucky pencil for the prelim...

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1 Lecture 27 31 Oct 2008 Pick up one lucky pencil for the prelim filtration glomerulus hypothalamus juxtaglomerular apparatus (jga) juxtamedullary nephrons loop of Henle nephron osmoconformer osmolarity osmoregulation osmoregulator peritubular capillaries ACE aldosterone ammonia anadromous angiotensinogen angiotensin I, II antidiuretic hormone (ADH) ascending loop Bowman’s capsule catadromous collecting duct cortical nephrons descending loop distal tubule filtrate pituitary gland proximal tubule renal artery renal cortex renal medulla renal vein renin secretion transport epithelium urea uric acid ureter urethra urinary bladder Osmoregulation and Excretion Concepts & Terms Hormone concepts & terms ACTH adenohypophysis ADH adrenal alpha cells anterior pituitary beta cells calcitonin diabetes mellitus endocrine system endorphin epinephrine (adrenaline) glucagon goiter gonads hormone hypothalamus iodine insulin islets of Langerhans melatonin negative feedback neurohypophysis neurosecretory cells ovaries oxytocin pancreas parathyroid parathyroid hormone pineal posterior pituitary positive feedback set point testes T 3 T 4 thyroid TRH tropic hormone TSH vasopressin zymogen Exam review sessions Sunday 3:00 - 5:00pm, Practice Exam, B45 Warren Hall Monday 7:30 – 9:00pm, Morison Room (A106), Corson-Mudd Hall Tuesday 4:20 – 5:50, G1 Stimson Hall Other resources Previous exams Web quizzes Lucky pencil
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2 °±²³²´µ ¶±·±·´ ¶±¸¹º¸¸±²·¸ »¼½½¾¿¿À Á ¹ÂÃÄŽ½ºÄÆÇÅÃÈÆÉÊ Monday, 3 Nov. 2008 Guest: Dr. Jerrie Gavalchin Room 302AB APPEL DINING HALL 5:45 PM Meeting place: West Entrance to Appel Center at 5:45pm Two Weasleys - OK Two clickers not OK °±²³´µ ¶·±¸ ¹º´µ
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