ch 44 osmoregulation and excretion

ch 44 osmoregulation and excretion - Lecture 26 29 Oct,...

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Lecture 26 29 Oct, 2008 Osmoregulation and excretion Contact: Nate [ndh8] David [DML258] Got game ? G-body Meeting: Monday, Nov. 3 5:00-6:00pm Kaufman Auditorium (Goldwin Smith) We are hoping to address health threats of different communities nationally and internationally, paying special attention to the social context of disease and healthcare infrastructure reform. albumin alveolus arteriole artery atrioventricular valve atrium bicarbonate blood blood pressure blood vessels Bohr shift breathing control center capillary capillary bed carbonic acid cardiac cycle cardiovascular system cooperativity closed circulatory system diastole diastolic pressure dissociation curve double circulation erythrocyte erythropoetin EPO gas exchange gastrovascular cavity heart rate hemocyanin hemoglobin hydrostatic pressure interstitial fluid kwashiorkor lymph node lymphatic system medulla myoglobin open circulatory system osmotic pressure partial pressure plasma pons red blood cell respiratory pigment semilunar valve systemic circuit systemic circulation systole systolic pressure trachea tracheal system vein vena cava ventilation ventricle venule Course announcement Possible incomplete web quiz question On a sunny summer day in Ithaca, . .. Of the following five points along the path of water flow from the soil to the air, which one would have water at the second lowest (i.e. second most negative) water potential? Crocodiles 2 circuits 4 chambers Mea culpa Corrections and clarifications Crocs have a complete septum thus, fully divided ventricles, 4 chambers However, they have three paths for deoxygenated blood from the right ventricle. 1. pulmonary circuit
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ch 44 osmoregulation and excretion - Lecture 26 29 Oct,...

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