Final Study Guide!

Final Study Guide! - 1-4 multiple choices(5 points each Hit...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-4: multiple choices (5 points each Hit up website and old Exams5: calcuate variance for stable AR(1) model (10 points) From Homework # 46: moving average model (10 points) From Homework # 57: lag operator (10 points) From Homework # 78: distributed lag model (25 points) - 4 subquestions Homework # 6????????????????????9: assumptions in the time series setting (10 points) Summer 2007 Session 1 # 6 (12 Points) 4 partsPage 546!! TOO SICK! YEE YEE10: autoregressive model (15 points)(From 14.7)1) Pseudo out-of-sample forecasting can be used for the following reasons with theexception ofa. giving the forecaster a sense of how well the model forecasts at the end of thesample.b. estimating the RMSFE.c. analyzing whether or not a time series contains a unit root.d. evaluating the relative forecasting performance of two or more forecastingmodels.2) Autoregressive distributed lag models includea. current and lagged values of the error term.b. lags of the dependent variable, and lagged values of additional predictorvariables.c. current and lagged values of the residuals.d. lags and leads of the dependent variable.3) Time series variables fail to be stationary whena. the economy experiences severe fluctuations.b. the population regression has breaks.c. there is strong seasonal variation in the data.d. there are no trends.4) Departures from stationaritya. jeopardize forecasts and inference based on time series regression.b. occur often in cross-sectional data.c. can be made to have less severe consequences by using log-log specifications.d. cannot be fixed.5) In order to make reliable forecasts with time series data, all of the following conditionsare needed with the exception ofa. coefficients having been estimated precisely.b. the regression having high explanatory power....
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Final Study Guide! - 1-4 multiple choices(5 points each Hit...

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