031506 - HIST 1111 Lecture on 03/15/06 Since roman empire...

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Unformatted text preview: HIST 1111 Lecture on 03/15/06 Since roman empire is huge..it has some advantages 1. Explosion of wealth…as you conquer new land you bring back the riches and you become more rich 2. People can raise rebellion against them but they tackle that by giving them citizenship and donot destroy there lands.(BAD) 3. All the small land owners had a much harder time…so they decided to get slaves but they cannot afford it so they go to cities and the population expands…so we then have lack of conscripts for military. 4. growing unrest among citizens since the conquest are turning out to be bad for plebicians…so it comes that people in the executive deal with. It….the graccis deal with it Tiberius is the first one to do it like how to manage an empire…he tries to find a way to redistribute land…take it from the wealthy and give it to the poor. So the Senate stands upto them since it compromises of the rich as they see there power going….they rebel by killing the guy Tiberius…but then Gaius comes in and continues the same reforms we care cause 1. they deal with the problems of expansion….they are 2 which deals with the problems of the empire especially the problem of the home unrest. 2. the patriachians way of dealing with them…govt of rome is finding solutions to problems by killing people… grachus and gaius do not succeed so what happens is rome goes to in the period of turmoil so people of senate try to figure out who will run rome…so marius sulla and pompey comes out to the lead marius=military guy sulla=senate leader pompey=military guy the senate did not completely oppose reforms and both of these above leaders decide to not to oppose the reforms but also keep the power of senate…so they team up with Julius...
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031506 - HIST 1111 Lecture on 03/15/06 Since roman empire...

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