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METABOLIC BIOCHEMISTRY BIBC102 Winter 2008 Immo E. Scheffler FINAL EXAM All answers are to be written into the Blue Book. Leave the first inside page blank for scoring and write a vertical column of numbers 1 - 16 There are 16 questions. Make sure that each answer is clearly identified with the question number at the top or left side of the page. Consider the statement on the back of the Blue Book; fill it out and sign it if you want to have your exam returned in the hallway outside of 3330 Bonner Hall. ********************************************************************************* QUESTION 1 [12 points] a) The famous biochemist O. Warburg looked in vain for an enzyme that could carry out the following reaction 2NADH + 2 H + + O 2 Î 2 H 2 O + 2NAD + What do we know now about how this oxidation of NADH is achieved in mitochondria? Explain with the help of a labeled diagram that also indicates where in mitochondria the necessary components are located.
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