African Civilization

African Civilization - 2500 Years of African Civilization...

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2500 Years of African Civilization I. Early African Culture (1700 BC-700 AD)- Characteristics 1. These are mostly migratory and small cities 2. Trade based people with whom: Kush/ Egypt, Axum/ Yeman trade based on location 3. Leadership: based on tribal monarchs, leading family, this is some element of democracy; follow the laws, ruled by law and no dictators 4. Axum are 1 st Christian state in Africa, remains even after Muslims arrive A. Kush- elected by monarchy, ruled through law B. Axum/Aksum C. Africa South of the Sahara- nomadic people who become traders, are known as great African Trades, AKA Berbers D. Rise of the Trans-Sahara Trade- main trade route on Sahara, Romans trade and deal for slaves, gold, cotton cloth, and salt which becomes the biggest trade good. Sign of how does it happen: 1. other people are looking for trading goods 2. b/c of Africa has camels, they will provide with military defense, ship of the desert b/c good pack animals, good footing on sand and low water for long distances 3. Africans have slaves they can trade, where do they come from: slaves where exchanged after wars but slaves were not treated they way whites treated slave in America - why care? a) gold mining/slavery grows (4 million in 850 years); b) cities in western Sudan; c) spread
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African Civilization - 2500 Years of African Civilization...

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