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Religion – From the perspective as historical phenomenon. Not as theology or doctrine. How religion motivates to act in history. Community as organizing principles. – Object. One of the factors in which expansion of the states was infact religion. Religion is form of culture as people move. Purpose – Explains the unexplainable – provides system of order make system comprehensible for people. People asked questions. Another way to explain other than science was system of believe which is religion. It creates what we refer to as imagined community. Creates unity and provide opportunity to form common identity. People form communities because they share set of values or beliefs. The believed people in community were liked mind. Imagined Community – US constitution/ religions characteristics etc. The community forms around the IDEAS. So religion provides one of those ideas that can organize a community. A shared belief system. Are there absolute moral principle that transcend every society and every time period. ? Is there universal morality ? Relgions profess that there are those things. There are universal truth and absolute morality. There are two kinds of religion 1. Proselytizing – through the transmition of cultureal value – actively seeking convert. Non proselytizing – do not actively seeking convert but at the same time accept those who wants to enter that community and knowledge. Basic Divisions Monotheism – religions that belief in one God Polytheism – religions that beilief in many gods Judaism – Began as initially as non proselytizing religion. Started by group of nomatic people as Hebrews as 2000 BCE. Hebrews are contemporary that they are nomatics. Within urban center. Hewbrews begans as polytheistic society. Each family had personal familiar God. One God emergies as supreme God. This God is referred to as EL. The idea of EL superemecy come about as El providing protection from people who believe in EL. God EL came from family of Abraham. Patriarch of all monotheistic religion. Emergies through many generations and religions. Why would very small people of Nomad beat very big army ? Because of belief in EL. Believers in EL eventually form loyal society meaning there is a King. The king as a fixed address. Which represented a change from Nomatic society. How can a society that has supreme society with capital , how cam there be king and supreme God. Idea developed that king was anointed by EL to serve as King. Kingship is associated with DIVINITY. But problem arises – that is king is forced to political reasons to deport people of his own faith communitieis. The king Solomon who he is indebted. Solomon is indebted to phenitian as payment of the debt
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IAS45_9_18 - LECTURE 9/18/07 Religion – From the...

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