IAS45_10_11 - Rights_in_Persons way of understanding ways...

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Rights_in_Persons : way of understanding ways in which individuals live in society. For example, you think that you own your reproductive capabilities. Or where to live, job locations etc. The concept of right in persons get away from this. Suggest that communities or societies determine this. Ex. African societies. Ottoman Empire: When we look at atlantic empire over seas empire spain portugese (Sea based empire) etc they need to travel over the water. But ottoman empire travels through lands. In European expansion is largely Christian expansion. Based on Christian principles. Element of prosytlization. The land based empires may or may not have religious components. In case of ottoman there is Islamic religious component. The way of dealing with non muslim is very different than the way Christians deal with non Christians. Gradually taking over asian minor and eventually Europe in 15 th 16 th centuries. Ottoman has state religion Islam. Conquered other place in name of Islam but they were tolerant of other religion. The ottomans did not have within them states and merchant interests tied together. In fact ottoman empire does not value trade important. Ottoman empire = highly centralized state. When we talk about sea based empire we are talking centralized states too but sometimes not. Ottoman empire = non interventionist. Sea based empire = intervention of peoples religions and lives. Ottoman over time though become little
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IAS45_10_11 - Rights_in_Persons way of understanding ways...

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