IAS45_10_4 - Land and Labor Encomienda Grant from Spanish...

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Land and Labor Encomienda Grant from Spanish crown to Spanish person compel labor in certain region Hacienda Large state with dwelling house. Mita Mita is labor draft indegenious form of labor adapted by Spanish. Take something out extracting it, and need two things land and labor. Other people are coming from other European countries trying to emulate the Spanish. Was there Europeanization ? When you put boundaries on certain place there is environmental consequence. Environmental impact. Hacienda and plantation is bounding of a land. When we talk about labor we talk about relatively small amount of Europe to much larger ever diminishing number of Amerindians. Many methods of compelling labor. Slavery of Amerindian gets prohibited very early on. There was difference between Africans and the Amerindians. Europeanization of structure is basically importation of African labor. --- IMPLANTATION MATURE COLONIZATION Trade Metropole = European central commerce. Metropole demand certain things from colonies such as Bullian sugar tobacco. And needed to provide European place. It required port cities which commerce and communication established. Regular Communication. Communication Administration Europeans generally who go to the colonies to serve the Europeans government and represent them in colonies. Also we see nativies from colonies representing. We get formal political structure. Imperial Rivarlries Colonies become imperial Rivaries. Mexico – Spanish, Jamaca – British. If war breaks out in Europe then colonies also become place of war. Therefore it becomes beyond the line. Territory regularly changes in hand in Carribeans etc. Population Growth and Social Replication Societies are depended on itself. It has a lot of Europeans Social structure. We get hierarchical society based on economies where people with darker skin had lower status. American born
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elite with a sense of history in particular colonies. People in colonies began to think of themselves as separate identity. Darker skin color had to do with racial mixing. African, Amerindians and Europeans. Africans provided important labor force. Indigenous people
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IAS45_10_4 - Land and Labor Encomienda Grant from Spanish...

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