Lifetime Fitness Final Exam Review

Lifetime Fitness Final Exam Review - Lifetime Fitness Final...

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Unformatted text preview: Lifetime Fitness Final Exam Review Test will be: 50 multiple choice; 10 T/F; 2 Essay Questions ; No equations, very few percentages, know ranges for health measurements Section 1 Health and n mFitness Assessments What is cardiovascular disease and who does it affect? Cardiovascular disease : Affects heart and blood vessels; 35% U.S. deaths are attributed o High blood pressure; coronary heart disease; congestive h.d. & stroke Coronary: Vessels narrowed = heart cannot receive oxygen & nutrients What is BMI? Body composition assessments: Determine if weight & fat % are in healthy range; High in fat [espec. in abdomen] = risk for high b.p., high chol, and diabetes = < chance of heart disease/stroke o BMI most widely used to determine overweight and obesity levels 2 formulas: a) lbs/height inches^2 & x 703 b) kg / m^2 Lowest risk = 22-24.9 ; <18.5 [underweight]; 25-29.9[overweight]; 30-34.9[obese] 35- 39[obese II]; >40 [obese III] Fails to differentiate fat mass vs. lean body mass [everything except stored fat] What is the difference between overweight and obese? What are the national health objectives? Healthy people 2010 initiative o Statement of national health objectives to enable diverse groups to combine efforts & work as a team o 10 areas of concentration: activity, obesity, tobacco, mental health, injury/violence, substance abuse, sexual behavior, immunization, access to health care and environmental quality Familiarize yourself with cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, and other common diseases in America. Cancer : 2 nd leading cause of death; 44% [men] & 38% [w.] probability of developing Lung cancer: Tobacco = 87% of lung cancer; 30% of cancer deaths 1/3 attributed to bad nutrition and fat Active lifestyle prevent breast cancer by 20-30% and colon/uterine cancer = better autoimmune too Obesity 21% men / 27% women are obese [Bmi of 30+ or 30lbs overweight] 63% men / 55% women are overweight [Bmi 25-29 or 25-30 lbs overweight] Youth: 1/3 overweight or obese (3x that of 60s/70s); Av. BMI risen from 21.3 to 24.1 since 63; Also signs of atherosclerosis Maintained weight is attributed those who exercise 60-90 mins per week Once exercise in given up 100% weight is regained in 18 months Cholesterol Blood lipids (cholesterol triglycerides) carried by protein molecules = high density lipoproteins (good) and low density lipoproteins (bad) Good to keep below 200; high = 200-239; high risk = 240+; 50% Ams have 200+ Exercise increase HDL and lowers LDL & can improve circulation to rid of clots Diabetes...
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Lifetime Fitness Final Exam Review - Lifetime Fitness Final...

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