IAS45_4 - Relationship between individuals and societies...

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expansion of state outside of teorriorial boundaries. Theory of War. Why do states expand outside of their boarders. ROME. Story of how farmers, sendentary agriculturals become soldiers end up conquering most of Europe and much of asia. How is this possible? Why is it that they were motivated to expand. The roman approach was different than Greek approach. Roman approach of governing conquring was incorportate their traditions into Roman idea itself. Expanding into outside boarder and adopting best ideas of the loser in battles into state itself. This is a very pragmatic of approaching the world. Recognize the legitimacy of doing things. Even if it represents the superior sense. Who were the early romans They were mix of Migrant pasturalists, animal herders. Sedentary agriculturalists. Farmers. Rome develops as a place independently of Greek who were expanding at the same time. Independently other societies but end up conquering most of this places. In order for any societies to expand strong sense of collective group identity needed to exists. How is Roman identity created. If people are going to expand they are going to be associated with certain causes. So they needed IDENTITY FORMATION. Where does it come from? In Rome, built environment. Use of technology to integrate geographic spaces to create public space using public works. In Mesopotamia “the building of fortification” one example of using technology to master environment. Same goes for Rome. Rome had hills. Between these hills they had marsh. Romans developed drain marshes to create canal that causes water to flow out of the marsh land into canal into tiger river. Therefore it allowed the land between these hills to settlement and agricultural purposes to cause population growth. Other thing public works do is create sense of place. Sense of community. Roman had city center with public buildings was built in marsh land. That became the center civil religious. It was creation of Urban areas. 509 BCE. The village elders who become large land holder by funding technological improvement established republic. The REPUBLIC could be thought of as distinctive political system with representation of various group in it. The republic developed republican institution. At every level power was shared two or more sharing that office. The purpose of this was intended power did not become too concentrated. They would have to negotiate with each other. The roman was trying to deal with it because it was distrust of power and consolidation. They also create representative government. Not direct democracy as Greek developed. Each part supposed to represent certain part of representation. First part was senate. The senate was supposed to represent those of economic power. It was supposed to give voice to
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IAS45_4 - Relationship between individuals and societies...

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