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Observation Form - Regular Classroom - Mesa Community...

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Mesa Community College Course: EDU222 Introduction to the Exceptional Learner Instructor: Mary A. Stewart Observation # 1 2 3 4 Classroom Visit School Redbird Elementary School Location/Address 1020 S Extension, Mesa, AZ 85210 Date/Time: 10-8-2007 12:00 – 2:30 Age Group: 1st grade (6-7) Adult/Student Ratio: 1:27 1) Check One: a) ______ Self-contained special education class b) ______ Resource program c) __X ___ Regular classroom, student with IEP d) ______ Other – Explain Below 2) Describe the class/environment. The classroom is set-up with the desks in groups of 5 – all facing each other. There are cabinets along the wall as soon as you walk in to your right where the kids have their backpacks stored, as well as the place where they turn in their homework folders every day. On the other side of the cabinets is Ms. Fielders’ desk and next to that is a smaller table with chairs for small group work. Then on the next wall there is more cabinetry with posters galore and inside are all of the planning books, workbooks, activities, lesson plans, everything Melanie uses to run class. Farther into the back of the class there is a big blue carpet with a chair in the front of it. On the wall next to the carpet is everything for “Calendars” which is also used for math and organization lessons. Then continue walking around the classroom there is a reading center with a TON of books of all genres, themes, and levels, and on the other side of the reading center are two computers used for AR (unsure what it is as they didn’t do it during my observation but I know the kids use them at least once a week). 3) Would you like to be a student in this classroom? Why? I would LOVE to be a student in this classroom! There may be a bit too much to look at in the classroom and I think I would get very distracted by the many posters covering the walls and cabinets, but there are so many great engaging activities that Melanie does with her class that it would be worth it! I especially love how the kids are grouped into groups of 5 and they work together when doing “seat work,” they share crayons and erasers when they are using the white boards, and it builds community in the classroom! 4) Do adults use positive behavioral supports with students? Give examples. This may be my lack of concentration at the moment, but I am unsure of what you mean by “positive behavioral supports.” If you are meaning does she encourage and reward positive behavior with the kids, then somewhat. At Redbird the teachers are required to use the “behavior steps” when dealing with the kids. If a child is doing something they are not supposed to, they are sent to step one, which means they go and stand on these little plastic circles on the floor facing the wall. Step two is they have to sit on the circle. I didn’t observe or get the chance to ask what the rest of the steps are, but I believe step 5 is being sent to the office. However, Melanie does encourage listening and paying attention by thanking those students who are
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This note was uploaded on 04/30/2008 for the course EDU 222 taught by Professor Stewart during the Fall '07 term at Mesa CC.

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Observation Form - Regular Classroom - Mesa Community...

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