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Consciousness Levels of consciousness conscious level Non-conscious level-heart rate, respiration, liver functions, etc. preconscious level-mental events just outside of awareness, but can be easily brought back into awareness; ex. memories subconscious level-refers to mental processing that occurs outside of awareness. Things like priming occurs on this level. Consciousness and the Brain EEG-Electroencephalograph: measures brain’s electrical activity over time. Brain Waves-reflection of the electrical activity of the brain and electrical activity reflects action potentials. o Beta-associated with the brain being busy, i.e. paying attention, solving problems, etc. o Alpha-associated with states of relaxation, blank mind, meditation o Theta-associated with light sleep. o Delta-associated with deep sleep. Sleep Stages Stages one and two o light sleep o theta waves
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Stages 3 and 4 o deeper sleep o delta waves Stage 5 o REM sleep-also called paradoxical sleep because you’re asleep, but the brain
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PsychNotesTest2 - Consciousness Levels of consciousness...

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