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The Heart - The Heart Objectives-Review basic anatomy of...

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The Heart Objectives: -Review basic anatomy of the heart -Discuss intrinsic conduction system and ECG (EKG) -Describe cardiac cycle and associated measurements -Briefly discuss cardiac output and its regulation Right side of the heart -receives blood from body -pumps out to lungs Left side of heart -receives blood from lungs -pumps out to body The heart sits in the middle of the chest, between lungs. -It’s surrounded by pericardial sac -fluid-filled, protective, anti-friction -pericarditis=inflammation Superior vena cava-brings blood to the heart from the upper body Inferior vena cava-brings blood to the right atrium from the lower body Pulmonary artery-sends blood from right atrium to the lungs Pulmonary trunk-at the base of the pulmonary artery. Splits into left and right pulmonary arteries Ascending aorta, arch of aorta, descending aorta Pulmonary veins-carry blood from lungs back to the heart (enter in the left atrium) Veins-carry blood back to the heart Arteries-carry blood away from the heart. Internal anatomy of the heart AV valve-flap between each atrium and ventricle. Right AV valve (tricuspid), Left AV valve (bicuspid or mitrel valve). Interventricular septum-divides left and right ventricle. Semilunar valve Coronary Vessels of the Heart-the circulatory system of the heart Electrical activity in the heart -Intrinsic Conducting System -sinoatrial node (SA node)-pacemaker of the heart -AV node -internodal pathways (3 of them) connect the SA and AV nodes. -AV bundle-pathway leading posterior from the AV node
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-Bundle branches-branches of AV bundle -Purkinje fibers-leads from the bundle branches. Stepwise progression of electrical impulse Step 1: SA node activity and atrial activation begin Step 2: Atrial depolarization -stimulus spreads across the atrial surfaces and reacheds the AV node. Step 3: there is a 100-msec delaty at the AV node-allows the atria to fully contract before the delivery of the impulse to the ventricles. . Atrial contraction begins Step 4: the impulse travels along the interventricular spetum within the AV bundles and the bundle branches to the Purkinje fibers and, via the moderator band, to the papillary muscles of the right ventricle. Step 5: ventricular depolarization
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The Heart - The Heart Objectives-Review basic anatomy of...

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