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Field Trip Paper

Field Trip Paper - Field Trip Paper Joyce McHenry Kathi...

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Field Trip Paper Joyce McHenry Kathi Davis EDU291 November 8, 2007
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1) Mr. Woodson has 5 different rooms for his classroom. When you first walk in, you walk in to the lecture room with 8 long tables that are set-up running the length of the classroom. He has posters covering every inch of the walls ranging in topic from movies, to musical groups, to political satire. Walking to the back left you go into the ceramics room where class was held while I was visiting. If you walk to the other side of the room, opposite the door, you go through the door to go outside and that is where the kids can do murals on the walls and where they create their sculptures. Just to the right of the door to the ceramics room is another room which is the graphic design room, and in the back of that room is another door to the silk screening room where the kids can create their own t-shirts and often do so for fundraisers for different groups on campus. 2) Mr. Woodson is a phenomenal teacher and has a very laissez-faire approach to teaching, but is still very much student-centered learning! The kids are given the freedom to do what they want with their assignments and they have to fail at what they are doing and prove that they have failed before Mr. Woodson will help them complete their project. He instills personal responsibility and pride in their work in these kids! It’s great to see at a school where behavioral problems are prevalent and expectations for these students are low. 3) Absolutely I would want to be a student in the Woodsonian Institute! He expects a lot of his students and requires that they learn in his classroom. He also teaches many different things in one compact unit. For example, when teaching about gargoyles, he
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Field Trip Paper - Field Trip Paper Joyce McHenry Kathi...

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