Urinary - Urinary/Renal System Functions 1. Excretion: the...

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Urinary/Renal System Functions 1. Excretion: the removal of organic waste products from body fluids 2. Elimination: the discharge of waste products from the body. 3. Homeostatic regulation of blood plasma: regulating blood volume and pressure, regulating plasma ion concentrations, stabilizing blood pH, and conserving nutrients The main job of the kidneys is the filtering of blood. The kidneys sit on the back wall of the thoracic cage. The renal medulla is divided into renal pyramids. Renal lobe: the renal pyramid and the blood vessels surrounding it. Minor and major calyx-minor calices join to form major calices major calices combine to form the renal pelvis-passageway into the ureter. Renal papilla Renal artery-main vessel that brings blood into the kidney Renal artery segmental artery interlobar arteries arcuate arteries interlobular arteries afferent arterioles glomerulus (ball-shaped capillary bed)-blood filtration begins here efferent arterioles (lead away from capillary bed) Nephron-the functional unit of the kidney connected to the glomerulus. Parts of the Nephron: Renal corpuscle-consists of the glomerulus and the Bowman’s Capsule (surrounds the glomerulus) Proximal convoluted tubule (PCT)-region next to renal corpuscle. loop of Henle Distal convoluted Tubule (DCT) collecting duct papillary duct Peritubular capillary network-the capillaries that are around and closely associated with the nephron. The Nephron Key Functions/Processes 1. Filtration escape of blood plasma and dissolved contents into the nephron for processing/cleanup 2. Reabsorption reclaims back into peritubular capillary blood the contents we want to
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Urinary - Urinary/Renal System Functions 1. Excretion: the...

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