Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Chapter 7 Vocabulary - Mesa Community College Course:...

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Mesa Community College Student Number 20 Course: EDU221- Introduction to Education Chapter 7- The Early History of Education in a Changing World 1. historical interpretation: Different ways to study and understand history, such as celebrationist, liberal, revisionist, and post-modernist historical approaches. 2. Age of Pericles: A period (455-431 BCE) of Greek history in which sufficiently great strides were made in human advancement to generate an organized concern for formal education. 3. Socratic method: A way of teaching that centers on the use of questions by the teacher to lead students to certain conclusions. 4. Latin grammar school: An early type of school that emphasized the study of Latin, literature, history, mathematics, music, and dialectics. 5. seven liberal arts: a medieval curriculum that consisted of the trivium (grammar, rhetoric, logic) and the quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy). 6. scholasticism: The logical and philosophical study of the beliefs of the church 7. Age of Reason: The beginning of the modern period of educational thought, a period in which European thinkers emphasized the importance of reason. The writing of Voltaire strongly influenced the rationalist movement. 8. Emergence of Common Man: A period during which developed the idea that common people should receive at least a basic education as a means to a better life. 9.
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Chapter 7 Vocabulary - Mesa Community College Course:...

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