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Physical Disabilites Discussion Board

Physical Disabilites Discussion Board - Next Step Explore...

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Unformatted text preview: Next Step: Explore how the instruction from the teacher would need to differ for Oscar in relation to students without disabilities and how Oscar’s presence could contribute to and detract from the class. How much instruction would come from the classroom teacher versus the instructional assistant? Did Oscar appear to be on grade level? If not, what might the other student be working on and how could Oscar be integrated? Oscar needs more one-on-one attention from his instructors, so it would be detraction in that the teacher may need to spend a bit more time with him individually instead of with the entire class. Instruction may also take longer for Oscar than it would for the other non-disabled kids in the classroom because he can’t write his answers as the others can, and he has to have the use of an aid reading his lips in order to complete his work. Oscar’s presence in the classroom, however, would be an enormous contribution to the classroom not only for himself and his self-esteem, but...
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