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Lesson Plan (long-term) Isadora Dances by Rachel Isadora (but great with any non-fiction literature) Illustrator: Rachel Isadora Publisher/Year: Penguin Group, 1998 Ages: K-2 (can be modified with a different book) Learning Objective The children will learn the importance of keeping record of memories from your life (the older you get, the more you have and the more you forget) and sharing your story with others. Materials Journals for each child Butcher Paper Markers Pictures from book (optional) Construction paper (large) Lesson Plan Throughout the year, have (as homework) the children record things that happen in their lives. They can be big, little, doesn’t matter, as long as the events are important to the child.
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Unformatted text preview: At the end of the year, do an autobiographical literature unit using any number of autobiographical children’s’ stories (we will be using Isadora Dances ). Read Isadora Dances to the class. Using the butcher paper and markers, as a class, create a timeline of Isadora’s life. Have the children re-read their journals. After they have re-read their journals, have them pick out several big events (7-10). During class time, give the children each a piece of construction paper and have them create their own timeline using events from their journal....
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