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Bryan Hamade My Perspective About Psychology 1 When I began psychology this semester I had little idea as to what it was with the exception of my knowing it had something to do with the human mind. The more and more I learned though I realized how complex and involved psychology actually was . In my initial paper on the subject I discussed how the human mind is a complex piece of organic machinery (Hamade, 2008) . I also described psychology as the study of the human mind and the behaviors stemming from the human mind . I still feel after covering all the material my previous definition of psychology is more than adequate seeing as the book, Psychology Eighth Edition in Modules, defines psychology as the scientific study of behavior and mental processes (Myers, 2007) . My definition and the books are essentially one and the same . In the previous paper I also touched on the psychological phenomenon known as sociopathic behavior, I said that psychology exists to answer why people are sociopaths (Hamade, 2008) . I did not mean that is all psychology covers, but that is what someone would gather from reading my paper . After this semester I now realize psychology exists to answer not only that question, but also the questions of why the human mind is and how the human mind is all the way down to an anatomical level . My own personal theory of psychology had a large bias towards Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis approach to psychology . I felt due to past experiences in childhood, the concept of a subconscious which is shaped in childhood controlling your behavior, thoughts, and actions without your knowledge really appealed to me . With my past history I know a thing or two about having childhood problems affecting you when you are fully grown . I talked about how my childhood experiences have made it difficult for me to form meaningful relationships with the opposite sex as well as a lingering feeling of inadequacy with
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Bryan Hamade My Perspective About Psychology 2 no logical explanation . I am six foot three two hundred and twenty pounds of solid muscle yet I still feel insecure and lack confidence . These factors had greatly contributed to my outlook on psychology prior to my taking psychology . Now that I have taken this course I realize I was wrong in some of my assumptions and
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psychpaper2 - Bryan Hamade My Perspective About Psychology...

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