AF Sections 2.1-2.4 handouts

AF Sections 2.1-2.4 handouts - STAT 2000 Sections 2.1-2.24...

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1 STAT 2000 Sections 2.1-2.24 Exploring Data with Graphs Statistics: The Art and Science of Learning from Data Agresti-Franklin Two Types of Variable s Categorical Variable Values indicate categories Ex: What class are you in? Fr,So,Jr,Sr Qt i t t iV i b l Quantitative Variable Values are numerical; they have measurement units like minutes, dollars, etc. Ex: How many hours are you taking this semester? Two Types of Quantitative Variables Discrete Takes on distinct values on a number line. Ex: The number of people waiting in a line. Ex: 3-way light bulb Continuous Can take on all values in an interval on a number line. Ex: the amount of time a person waits in line. Ex: dimmer switch Variable Categorical Quantitative Discrete Continuous Types of Variables In general (but not always): Discrete – something you count Continuous – something you measure Frontier Airlines Flight 551 3:55pm Atlanta, GA (ATL) 5:20pm Denver, CO (DEN) 3hrs 25min - Nonstop $475 per person Delta Air Lines Flight 945 3:02pm Atlanta, GA (ATL) 4:22pm Denver, CO (DEN) 3hrs 20min - Nonstop $476 per person Midwest Airlines Flight 108 / 527 5:00pm Atlanta, GA (ATL) 7:55pm Denver, CO (DEN) 4hrs 55min - 1Stop Change planes in Milwaukee, WI $485 per person (MKE) US Airways Flight 3810 operated by US AIRWAYS EXPRESS-AIR WISCONSIN / Fligh t 6129 operated by United 10:40am Atlanta, GA (ATL) 3:39pm Denver, CO (DEN) 6hrs 59min - 1Stop Change planes in Philadelphia, PA (PHL) $485 per person US Airways Flight 8042 operated by America West Airlines / Flight 5379 operated by MESA AIRLINES DBA AMERICA WEST EXPRESS 5:05pm Atlanta, GA (ATL) 10:23pm Denver, CO (DEN) 7hrs 18min - 1Stop Change planes in Phoenix, AZ (PHX) $510 per person Sample of flights from Atlanta to Denver Subjects What is being studied? Variables Which of the following vary? Identify the variables as Categorical or Quantitative . If Quantitative , identify as discrete or continuous . Departure city Airline Number of stops Travel time Price
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2 Identify the following variables as Categorical Quantitative discrete Quantitative continuous • The length of time until a pain reliever works. • The color of a statistics textbook. • The brand of refrigerator in a home. • The number of files on a computer. • The pH level of the water in a pool. • The number of staples in a stapler. • The zip code of a resident in Athens, Georgia. Organizing Categorical Data - M & Ms Color Freq: Plain Freq: Peanut Chocolate Yellow Red Blue Orange Green Total Frequency Distribution (Table) Lists the category together with the frequency , the number of observations for that category. The mode is the value that occurs most frequently. Find the mode(s) for the M&M data. From the frequency table, we can find the proportion ( relative frequency ) and percentage . Why should proportions be used to compare two data sets such as M&M plain and M&M peanut?
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AF Sections 2.1-2.4 handouts - STAT 2000 Sections 2.1-2.24...

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