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Journal Entries - "Expectations for My Service Learning...

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August 22, 2007 “Expectations for My Service Learning” This will be my first time participating in service learning or being in a classroom as part of a leadership role. I have volunteered many times in classrooms but it has been mostly to help the teacher do busy work and not to help the students. My primary expectation in participating in my field experience is to get to know the students. I think it is entirely beneficial to the students and the teacher if we, as educators, have experience with pupils who have various learning styles. Each child learns differently and has little tricks to help them be successful, so I want to be able to learn some of the tricks that the students and their teacher have created so that I will be more able to help my students once I have my own classroom. One of the primary ways of helping your students is by simply getting to know them as people. I’d also really like to do so in order to be able to relate to them better while I am in the classroom helping them. August 24, 2007 “Helping Students Understand Subtraction” I absolutely LOVE the suggested teaching plan for introducing subtraction. I can see myself how easy it would be to introduce the number values for the subtraction problem using the chart they modeled. The children will be able to tell you easily that they have 6 pretzels (or whatever snack you choose), but if you ask them without this introduction, “If you eat 2, how many do you have left?” they may struggle a bit because when starting, the visual representation is crucial! As far as the Introducing Manipulatives section is concerned, I thought it interesting and will definitely use in my class the idea of keeping separate the parts that are part of and not part of the story. I think something that would be beneficial to the children will be to keep the extra pieces in a plastic bag, that way they are even more defined as separate than the pieces that are on the board. Very interesting article to read and I love that I am gathering new ideas to incorporate into the classroom! August 27, 2007 “Evaluate Tutorials for ×” I believe that starting out by introducing multiplication to young children by “Repeated Addition” is a great beginning. The kids will already know how to add, and this will give them a solid foundation for multiplication. However, looking at the FLASH for “Array” confused me a bit. Reading left to right, I would have placed the numbers as (4×3) instead of (3×4) because the value for the 3 rows was placed to the right of the value for 4 carrots each. The example for “Cartesian Product” was a great one because the kids will easily be able to relate to finding out how many outfits they have with X number of shirts and X numbers of pants. It will also be able to lead into multiplying more than 2 numbers by adding in shoes or jackets.
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