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Math Curse - Title: By: Math Curse Jon Scieszka...

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Title: Math Curse By: Jon Scieszka Grade Level: Recommended: 6-12. Introductory: 3-5. Related Concepts: What doesn’t this book cover? Math Curse uses fractions, measurements, addition, subtraction, time, array multiplication, grouping, counting forward, and all in a fast-paced, fun way that makes kids think. Synopsis: On Monday in school, Mrs. Fibonacci tells the students that almost everything can be thought of as a math problem. The students then goes on with his day on Tuesday and realizes that you can think about math with absolutely everything! All of a sudden, it is a math problem to figure out if he wakes up in time to be ready and at the school bus, it’s a math problem to pick out clothes (because he has 1 white shirt, 3 blue shirts, 3 striped shirts, and that 1 ugly plaid shirt Uncle Zeno sent him), even eating breakfast becomes a math problem! He finally realizes that you don’t have to worry about everything with math, it will all work out without having to stress about how whether 1 Washington equals 25 Lincolns. Well, that is until Mr. Newton tells him that
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This note was uploaded on 04/30/2008 for the course MAT 156 taught by Professor Glascoe during the Fall '07 term at Mesa CC.

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Math Curse - Title: By: Math Curse Jon Scieszka...

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