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This edition is intended for use outside of the U.S. only, with content that may be different from the U.S. Edition. This may not be resold, copied, or distributed without the prior consent of the publisher. Chapter 16 Operations and Service Management Chapter Outline I. Organizations as Production Systems A. Manufacturing and Service Operations B. Operations Strategy C. The Integrated Enterprise II. Designing Operations Management Systems A. Product and Service Design B. Procurement C. Facilities Layout D. Technology Automation E. Facility Location F. Capacity Planning III. Inventory Management A. The Importance of Inventory B. Economic Order Quantity C. Materials Requirement Planning D. Just-in-Time Inventory E. Logistics and Distribution Management IV. Logistics and Distribution Management A. Lean Manufacturing B. Measuring Productivity C. Improving Productivity Annotated Learning Objectives After studying this chapter, students should be able to: 1. Define operations management and describe its application within manufacturing and service organizations.
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