Chapter 12 Vocabulary

Chapter 12 Vocabulary - Chapter 12- Designing Programs for...

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Chapter 12- Designing Programs for Learners: Curriculum and Instruction 1. Curriculum standards, teacher resources, classroom materials, and teaching processes that in combination support student learning. 2. Subject-centered curriculum that is organized around a finite and limited set of core subjects 3. Co curriculum/extracurriculum school activities and program, before, during, and after regular school hours that enrich the curriculum and provide extended opportunities for student participation 4. Interest groups Informal and formal organizations of individuals who hold a common interest and shared agenda in regard to a particular topic or policy 5. Unfunded mandates policies that are required to be implemented for which no financial support is forthcoming 6. School improvement process a plan for future action that results from a school leadership team review of current successes and needs 7. English language learners (ELLs) students whose first language is other than English and who therefore are learning English at the same time they are learning the content specified in the curriculum standards 8. Big ideas the organization of content around major themes and principle 9. Power standards a reduced set of standards that focuses on the most critical learning outcomes that must be taught and learned within each school year. 10. Open adoption
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Chapter 12 Vocabulary - Chapter 12- Designing Programs for...

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