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Final #1 - Joyce McHenry Philosophy 101 9:00-9:50 Final...

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Joyce McHenry Philosophy 101 9:00-9:50 Final Exam #1 What is the world made of? Is there only one God? Is there a God? What is our purpose in life and on Earth? All of these questions are ones that have plagued philosophers for centuries, each one hoping to come up with the one true answer or explaining why that knowledge is impossible to know. Regardless, because of the same questions being asked, it’s brought philosophy from a science to a conversation carried through the years and conforming along the way. So how has it changed in time? Let’s take a small look at some of it. Let’s begin with Plato. His teacher was the great Socrates, and he was well on his way at the age of 17 to attain status right next to Socrates on the bench of fame. Plato shared a lot of the same ideas as Socrates, but since Socrates never wrote anything down and Plato wrote everything, it’s hard to draw the line between where Socrates’ philosophy ends and Plato’s philosophy begins. That being said, in my own opinion, I feel that Plato merely took Socrates’ ideas and took them a step further to make them more detailed, more defined, more comprehensible. Where Plato begins is in Creation. For Plato, the “creator” is the Demiurge, but it’s not the same type of creator as the Christians label things. The Demiurge, also known as the Divine Craftsman , created these perfect ideas, the perfect Forms, and brought the physical world out of that. Everything in the physical world has in it some idea of the Forms.
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Final #1 - Joyce McHenry Philosophy 101 9:00-9:50 Final...

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