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Chapter 2 – Managing Work Flows and Conducting Job Analysis Chapter 2 Managing Work Flows and Conducting Job Analysis OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS 1. To compete and use its material and human resources effectively, an organization needs a proper fit between its business strategy and the appropriate: a) business plan. b) HRIS system. c) management team. d) quality-of-work life program. e) organizational structure. Answer: e E--Integration Page: 45 2. The choice of a prospector strategy for a business would be most appropriate when: a) the company is operating in an uncertain business environment. b) the business environment is relatively stable. c) its products are at the maturity stage in their life cycle. d) it has a functional structure. e) its management practices top-down decision making. Answer: a M--Integration Page: 46 3. Cheap Shoes manufactures a line of inexpensive shoes. It chooses to use a defender strategy, which means the most effective structure for them would be: 4. A company with a prospector strategy would most likely: 35
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Part II The Contexts of Human Resource Management 5. A firm can choose any one of a number of organizational structures. A company with a defender strategy would be best served by a: 6. Alyssa is reading a job description for an interesting retail position. The job description is very specific, telling her exactly what department of the store she would be responsible for and what her duties would be. The ad features good opportunities for advancement within the retail area—she could become the managing retail director for her department. However, she would not be able to move into finance or production. This is an example of which organizational strategy? a) Top-down management b) Work specialization c) A prospector strategy d) Centralization e) Pyramid-building Answer: b E--Application Page: 46 7. Bureaucratic organizational structures are marked by: a) narrow job descriptions and sharp vertical and horizontal boundaries. b) division of labor around products, services, or customers. c) high employee involvement in decision making.
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