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Learning Disabilites Discussion Board

Learning Disabilites Discussion Board - #7 Learning...

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#7 – Learning Disabilities Go to this link on the PBS Special about children with learning disabilities: http://www.pbs.org/ wgbh/misunderstoodminds/ ; On the left side of the main frame you will links to Attention, Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Follow these links to simulation activities. Click on at least one of these on each page. Discuss what you learned from trying the simulation. Oh my goodness was this FRUSTRATING! The first simulation I did, the Visual Activity for Attention was impossible! I knew I was reading as I was going along, but as I went to answer the questions, I realized I didn’t even know the boy’s name! I can’t imagine experiencing that every time I tried to read! I have always been a pretty good reader, but with the simple distractions of the page fading and the pictures, it was so difficult to even read the words, let alone comprehend what I was reading! The second activity, the Memory Activity for Reading was even more frustrating!
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