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Movie Review - Sea Inside - Mesa Community College Course:...

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Mesa Community College Course: EDU222 – Introduction to the Exceptional Learner Movie Review: #1 #2 Joyce McHenry 1. Movie Title: Mar Adentro (The Sea Inside) 2. Producer: Fernando Bovaira and Alejandro Amenábar 3. Location of filming: Galicia 4. What assumptions does the movie make about the exceptionality portrayed? How realistic is it? For me, the primary assumption the movie made about the exceptionality of being a quadriplegic is that you have two choices: make the most of your situation or be bitter and angry the rest of your life. I think it is very realistic. I can’t say what I would do in that situation because I never have been, but I honestly think that I would be the latter and spend my days angry with the world for giving me a hand I wasn’t prepared to deal with. However, Ramón took his life into his own hands and fought for almost 30 years to end his life in a way that he felt was dignified. 5. What assumptions does the movie make about families? About education? The movie makes the assumption that the family of a person who is quadriplegic is, as Ramón’s brother said, their slave. They have to be there to provide constant support and care for a person who cannot even brush their own teeth. However, I feel they did an incredible job of portraying the way different people handle with this type of situation from Ramón’s brother who was bitter and angry with Ramón for wanting to end his life and in a sense spit on his families efforts to give him a good life despite his disability, to Manuela, Ramón’s sister-in-law who was happy to take care of Ramón and loved him as her son as she provided everything she could to make him comfortable and happy. As far as education assumptions, I think it is assumed by Ramón that the education his nephew, Javier, is receiving is decidedly worse than the education he himself received growing up. He is constantly harping on Javier to use proper grammar, punctuation and the like, especially when it comes time for Javier to type Ramón’s
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Movie Review - Sea Inside - Mesa Community College Course:...

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