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Joyce McHenry Marriage and Family Observation 5 Community I absolutely LOVED the Marriage and Family class. After beginning the class with information on successful relationships, I have realized that my family, while I may think they are dysfunctional, is quite successful. We tell each other that we love one another every chance we get. I have also put into practice telling my parents how much I appreciate everything they do for me financially and emotionally. I have done the same with my siblings and with my friends, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more close to those I love than I do now. I’ve also learned what to prepare myself for when it comes to forming my own family. I know it’s a few years off and there are things I can’t prepare for, but I’ve learned how I need to be in order to have a successful family. Communication is obviously the foundation for every family, intimacy being another. I believed intimacy to be any connection between two people, be it physical, emotional, or mental.
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Unformatted text preview: I don’t think I quite realized the extent of that bond, however. I want to have an intimate relationship with my husband in that we can tell each other everything without worry about retaliation or judgment. I also want to be able to communicate openly with my children so that they know they can come to me for anything. If I have an intimate relationship with my children, they’ll be more confident in themselves and they will want to make the right choices in their lives because they decided to, not because I’ve told them to. I’ve learned a lot about what I want for my future relationships. I want communication, intimacy, and openness to gender roles. I still have, however, learned from experience in this classroom that communication can’t always solve the problem, but rather create more. The premise is that everything takes experience to figure out what will work for different relationships and what won’t and operating off of that information....
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