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HW9soln - the cap is q =110 μ C What is the value of R(C...

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Physics 21 Fall 2007 Solution to HW-9 26.41 In the circuit shown, both capacitors are initially charged to V _1. (A) How long after closing the switch S will the potential across each capacitor be reduced to V _2? (B) what will be the current at that time? 26.46 A capacitor C is charged to a potential V and then discharged through a resistor R . (A) How long does it take the capacitor to lose half its charge? (B) How long does it take the capacitor to lose half of its stored energy? 26.48 In the circuit shown, C = 5.90 μ F, V = 28.0 volts. Initially the cap. is uncharged, and at t =0 the switch is thrown and the cap. begins to charge. (A) What will be the charge on the cap. a long time after the switch is thrown? (B) At t =3.00 ms, the charge on
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Unformatted text preview: the cap. is q =110 μ C. What is the value of R ? (C) At what time will the charge on the capacitor be equal to 99.0% of the final value found in part A? 26.64 Find the current throught the battery and through each battery in the circuit shown. loop 1 loop 2 loop 3 node 2 node 1 26.84 A resistor R is conected to the plates of a charged cap. with capacitance C and initial charge Q . (A) What is the energy initially stored in the capacitor? (B) What is the electrical power dissipated in R just after the connection is made? (C) What is the electrical power dissipated in R at the instant when the energy stored in the capacitor has decreased to half the value calculated in part A? (This result is just I=V/R with instantaneous V = V 2 .)...
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