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The Doorbell Rang

The Doorbell Rang - Title By The Doorbell Rang Pat Hutchins...

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Title: The Doorbell Rang By: Pat Hutchins Grade Level: 2-3 Related Concepts: This book deals primarily with division in that the number of cookies keeps getting reduced as more children show up, but it could also be used for fractions. Synopsis: Ma makes come cookies (12, to be exact) for Victoria and Sam to share. They each get 6 cookies. Gradually, friends join them, 2 by 2 at first, and then all of a sudden 6 friends show up! Each kid is allowed to have one cookie so that everyone gets the same amount, and then the doorbell rings. The kids don’t want to answer it because they don’t want to have to share their cookies anymore, but Sam opens the door. It’s Grandma! She’s brought more cookies for the kids to share, so they each get more than one cookie! Best part is, as Ma says, “No one makes cookies like Grandma.” Classroom Activity: Materials needed: One BIG cookie Enough cookies for everyone in the classroom A copy of the book, The Doorbell Rang Big cardboard box to be used as the front door.
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