Religion and Struggle for Power outline

Religion and Struggle for Power outline - Religion and the...

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Religion and the Struggle for Power: Catholicism, Byzantium, and Islam Western Mediterranean Culture: The Turn toward the North “Latin Christendom” and “Western” Cultural Identity? Used Latin language in religion, languages evolve out of Latin Played important role in the emergence of “Western Identity” to about 1000 CE Interaction with Byzantium and Islam to create identity Only has meaning in relation to three cultures Does not happen in isolation Alliance of Roman Popes and Frankish Kings Culture emerges with this alliance Western Catholicism’s Opposition to Byzantium and Islam Three great civilizations around the Mediterranean North and West Roman Catholic Church Eastern Byzantium Northern Africa, Southern Mediterranean Muslim Fall of Rome barbarian conquest Many Germans converted to Christianity convert to Aryanism Church faced problems Justinian (527-565); Power in Constantinople (far more powerful than Rome, center capital); Re-conquest of Italy Reestablish the establish the empire as it had been before east/west Worked closely with the eastern church Justinian was a rival to the Pope Created the largest empire that anyone was able to reconstruct after the fall of Rome Influence of Theodora (wife) active role in political/cultural aspect Justinian and Imperial Control of the Byzantine Church Justinian’s Legal Code, Architecture, Hagia Sophia Legal reform Show power largest church (Hagia Sophia) Justinian dies successors cant’ hold empire together Roman Popes’ Rivalry with Constantinople and Lombards
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Religion and Struggle for Power outline - Religion and the...

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