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Italian City-States and the Emergence of Renaissance Culture Definition of Historical Eras? Renaissance: 14 th /15 th Centuries The Theme of “Rebirth” in Italian Culture? New Values in Renaissance Culture: Politics over Theology? Classicism and Ancient Cultures Emphasis on Human Actions? Italian Revival: Why Italy Led the Way to a New Culture? 1. Weakness of Feudalism in the South Urban Nobility in Italy; Dependence on Cities 2. Trade and Wealth and Social Mobility Economic Power of “Bourgeois” Families, Banks, 3. Independent City-States
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Unformatted text preview: Venice, Milan, Florence, Papal States, Naples Relation to Wealth, Republics and Oligarchy Visconti and Sforza in Milan; Medici in Florence 4. Secular Elites Interlocking Families, Marriage, Women/Men Importance of Florentine Guilds 5. Secular Education Humanism, Training for Children in Secular Life 6. Identification with Rome Alternative to Northern Europe, Critique of N. Europe Values: Talent Rewarded? Activism, Leonardo Bruni Individuals and Virtù Old and New: Tensions of a Culture in Transition...
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