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Final - the “bubble kids.” Teachers should be help...

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Mesa Community College Instructor: Mary A. Stewart Final – December 11, 2007 Joyce McHenry 3. “Mandates data-driven instruction based on gamesmanship to undermine public confidence in our schools.” It is data-driven instruction that causes those students who want to learn but aren’t given the instruction they need because they are the “hopeless cases” that causes students to slip through the cracks of the education system. After being advised by a consultant for data-driven instruction, Mrs. Dewey “pledges to ignore Marshall's approach and to teach as she always has, the best way she knows how. Yet, if she does, Mrs. Dewey risks being denounced as a traitor to the school's effort to increase scores -- in short, a bad teacher.” It is sad that the teachers who have the experience to help the children be the best they can be are denounced as bad teachers simply because they focus on the whole child, not
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Unformatted text preview: the “bubble kids.” Teachers should be help accountable for their students test scores, absolutely, but not at the cost of the other 17 children in the classroom, as was the case for Mrs. Dewey (Phi Delta Kappa International). It is exactly these practices in the classroom that causes parents to feel that the teacher is playing favoritism in the classroom with the children and that their children are being ignored because they are being given up on. If we practice gamesmanship in the classroom and pit these kids against one another, then the public will not maintain confidence in our schools. We pick and choose the kids deserving of our attention and do not focus on educating and building these children for the future instead of for a test....
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Final - the “bubble kids.” Teachers should be help...

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