Decline of Rome outline

Decline of Rome outline - The Long Decline of the Roman...

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Unformatted text preview: The Long Decline of the Roman Empire (After 180 CE) Was the decline of Rome Inevitable? (Gradually lost power) All Empires Decline? Cyclical Views of History Why do Historians Study the Decline of Rome? history repeats itself all powerful countries rise and then inevitably decline Edward Gibbon great representative of enlightenment, philosophy Believed the rise of Christianity led to the fall of Rome The Multiple Levels of Historical Causality Political Military Economic Cultural The Political Evolution of the Empire Chaos after 180 C.E., Death of Marcus Aurelius (philosopher), The Stoic Emperor spend career trying to hold things together playwright had given him this role task to fulfill role as emperor son Comodus was the first emperor after Marcus serious problems military politics murder predecessor or go through endless battles for power Breakdown of Orderly Succession, Military Politics Emphasis of lawand order collapsed occurred for a century Diocletian (284-305), Authoritarian Control of Society (Like Caesar Augustus) Realized Rome lacked a coherent government used army and government officials to impose his laws reduced mobility in society forced people to hold certain positions Military Model of Government Division into East/West drawn to the east Empire was too big Co-Emperors in East and West...
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Decline of Rome outline - The Long Decline of the Roman...

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